Late shipments put Amazon sellers at risk

A high rate of on-time deliveries is one of the most important goals that Amazon sets for the businesses that sell products on its website. The global retailer asks sellers to maintain a late-shipment rate below 4 percent. Failure to meet this target may result in the suspension and even removal of selling privileges. Don’t make the mistake of focusing on other customer service metrics at the expense of providing a hassle-free on-time delivery. Having an on-time delivery rate of 96 percent or better is vital to the success of any enterprise selling its products on the world’s largest e-commerce site.

Research shows that not only do consumers like free shipping, they also want and demand prompt and on-time delivery. The bar for sellers is high: In one recent survey, 83 percent of shoppers said the phrase ‘fast shipping’ is synonymous with two days or less. Other surveys show that consumers have an (extremely) low tolerance for receiving something that they have ordered online later than they expected.

With that in mind, Amazon has invested in an incredible fulfillment network and offers free two-day shipping on more than 50 million items through its Prime subscription program. It’s now experimenting with same-day and one-day shipping in 5,000 communities nationwide. One of the most important things a third-party seller on Amazon can do is put systems in place to ensure deliveries are shipped quickly.

A high rate of late shipments is just one of many ways a company can see their selling privileges on Amazon suspended or revoked. Amazon monitors many other criteria as well. That’s why we offer Amazon Income Protection. Don’t let an Amazon suspension put your company at risk. We offer the only insurance coverage in the world that will pay your lost income in the unfortunate event that your online seller’s account is suspended. Get to know more about our revolutionary coverage at this link.

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