Negative feedback: A big no-no when selling on Amazon

Amazon is a company focused on — some might say obsessed with — the customer experience. It’s been its formula for success: Legions of satisfied customers worldwide have helped the company grow into an e-commerce powerhouse.

That’s why the company monitors customer feedback so carefully — whether the product is sold directly by Amazon or by a third-party seller. For a company selling its products on Amazon, an above-average level of negative feedback over time can dramatically increase the risk of being suspended from the website. According to the online retailer, the most common factors that lead to negative feedback are late shipments, out-of-stock notices, difficult returns and product issues. Products that don’t meet customer expectations based on how the product was listed, quality or size often lead to subpar reviews as well. Here are four important ways to keep negative feedback at a minimum when selling products on Amazon.

Pay attention to details. Carefully describe and categorize your items. If selling used items, make sure the condition of the product is accurate. You don’t want customers to be surprised (in a bad way) by what they receive from you.

Ship fast. Products should arrive within the estimated delivery time. Those who buy products from Amazon on average have little tolerance for late shipments. Amazon offers free shipping in 5–8 business days and the e-commerce site also pioneered two-day shipping, one-day shipping and even same-day shipping.

Carefully pack items. The goal is to avoid damage during shipping. Customers who order from Amazon expect products to be properly packed and to arrive in perfect condition.

Provide prompt and cheerful customer service. Respond as fast as possible to any concerns, especially with orders that involve a refund, return or exchange.

As a seller on Amazon, you’ll want to carefully monitor how customers are reviewing your product. You’ll definitely want to avoid one- and two-star reviews at all costs. You’ll also want to keep an eye on your Customer Service Dissatisfaction Rate, Return Dissatisfaction Rate and Late Shipment Rate.

Even if you are vigilant about providing good customer service, mistakes can happen. Account suspension — for negative feedback and other reasons — is a risk of selling on Amazon. That’s why we offer the Amazon Income Protection plan. It’s designed to help individuals, families and businesses selling on Amazon better manage the risks of selling on the world’s largest e-commerce site.

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